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Fundraising Ideas


Contrary to what many people think, raising funds is easy...


Often, churches and United Methodist Men groups will share with us the ways that they have raised funds for the Society of St. Andrew. Perhaps one or more of these ideas will be successful in your church or with your Men’s group. They are presented in no particular order.

  • A Boy Scout in New Hampshire raised $1,800 for the Potato and Produce Project by obtaining sponsors for a 100-mile bike ride. Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, etc. are also good ideas.

  • A potato potluck dinner is a fun way to introduce the congregation to the Meals for Millions and the Potato and Produce Project. Follow the dinner with a program about the Society of St. Andrew ministries and a love offering. The Society of St. Andrew has a potato cookbook available for such events.

  • Set up a display with a large paper or cloth truck on a bulletin board. Have a supply of paper or cloth potatoes available, each marked to represent $5, $10, $25, or $50 worth of potatoes. Have a way for people to make donations to “ship potatoes to the hungry.” After they make their donation, have the donors put their "potatoes" into the truck on the bulletin board.

  • A church youth group sponsored a baked potato supper for their congregation. The meal was baked potatoes and toppings. The group raised $200 for the Society of St. Andrew.

  • A men’s group in Freeland, MD did a similar “Spud Bake” along with salad, drinks, bread, and dessert to raise $400 for Meals for Millions.

  • A youth group in Blackstone, VA held a rent-a-spoon meal to raise $390 for the Society of St. Andrew.

  • St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church raised almost $100 one year through aluminum can recycling.

Every 2 pennies you raise for this Meals for Millions will result in a serving of fresh, nutritious produce being delivered to a hungry American! 





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