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Meals for Millions and the Hunger Relief Advocate Initiative


In 1998, the Society of St. Andrew joined with the General Commission on United Methodist Men and the National Association of Conference Presidents to establish the Hunger Relief Advocate Initiative. This joint effort, called the HRA Initiative, is designed to help the United Methodist Church engage in ministry to and with the poor and hungry under leadership of United Methodist Men. Hunger Relief Advocates (HRAs) are charged with:

  • Establishing and administering gleaning networks to provide food directly to those in need locally;

  • Raising awareness of the extent of hunger in America and training in the development of local anti-hunger programs;

  • Championing UMMen participation in the Meals for Millions giving program that provides funding for the HRA Initiative;

  • Serving as an education and action resource for the church on hunger relief and poverty issues; and

  • Engaging in other hunger relief activities.

The ultimate goal of the Hunger Relief Advocate Initiative is to feed America’s hungry through a network of part-time HRAs in every state plus volunteer advocates in every UMMen district and each local UMMen group.


When fully implemented, UMMen will provide 54-million servings of food to the nation’s poor through their Meals for Millions contributions that support the Society of St. Andrew’s Potato and Produce Project. In addition, UMMen will provide another 90-million servings of food annually through the gleaning ministries established by HRAs. 





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