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Global Waste: The Scandal of Food Waste

In the summer of 2011, a TV network based in Paris (CAPA Television) came to the U.S. to shoot part of a documentary on global food waste and ways of dealing with it. Part of the production was with a Harvest of Hope camp on the Virginia Eastern Shore. We coordinated with producer Maha Kharrat. The French documentary runs 90-minutes. A version for British TV runs 54 minutes. Here are some versions of that footage.


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Harvest of Hope section only (English, 6:15)


Sally Best was our coordinator. The farm produce was donated by W. T. Nottingham. This was a regular Harvest of Hope event and the French TV crew came in to talk with participants and shoot footage.

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French Version (8:30)


This excerpt begins with Maggie and Chris Stodghill and their three children. The full-length French version includes a family in each country, showing food purchases and waste. The Stodghills agreed to be our typical American family. This version continues with the Harvest of Hope segment.


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Full Version (English, 54:33)


This is the entire English version of the program. It includes the segments shot in France, Ecuador, India, New York City, Virginia, Japan, and England. It demonstrates many ways of dealing with food waste, including the SoSA way - diverting good food from the landfill and to the table.



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