Gleaning America's Fields ~ Feeding America's Hungry



  Staff Listings

Regional Offices



Alabama (Birmingham)




Director: Linda Tozer

Programs: Mary Lynn Botts



Florida (Orlando)




Director: Barbara Sayles

Programs: Jim Tinkey


Georgia (Tifton)




Programs: Sandi Newman


Mississippi (Jackson)




Programs: Jackie Usey


North Carolina (Durham)




Director: Scott Briggs

Programs: Meg Spears-Newsome


Tennessee (Nashville)




Director: Linda Tozer

Programs: Nathan Dryden











National Office



3383 Sweet Hollow Rd.

Big Island, VA 24526-8517



Executive Director:


Mike Waldmann

Director, Corporate Relationships:


D'Lynn Burgess

Public Relations Associate:


Megan Gross

Communications Director:


Mike Hickcox

Director, Church Relationships:


Lynette Johnson

Production Manager:


Debbie Jones

Director, Potato & Produce Project:


Marian Kelly

Director, Harvest of Hope:


Bill Leach

Development Assistant:


Barbara Lipford

Development Associate:


Wade Mays

Development Assistant:


Brenda Patterson

Director, Virginia Gleaning:


Sarah Ramey

Director, Accounting:


Renee Scott

Director, Transformational Gifts


Liz Sheahan




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