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Food Rescued and Delivered

Since January 1, 2014


13.2 Million Pounds

Potato & Produce Project:

7.1 Million Pounds

Total Produce Collected:

20.3 Million Pounds


20 Thousand People

Food Delivered:

61 Million Servings

Pounds of food wasted in the U.S.

since this page loaded


Pounds wasted in the U.S. this year



America's Premier Food Rescue & Distribution Ministry

Feeding Hungry Americans Three Ways

Gleaning Network

Volunteers glean nutritious produce from farmers' fields and orchards after the harvest. This food is delivered to those in need. 


Potato & Produce Project

Truckloads of unmarketable potatoes and other produce, donated by the agricultural community, are delivered to agencies serving the poor.  


Harvest of Hope

Our education program informs people about the hunger problem and encourages them to be part of the solution.




Current Special Programs and Activities

North Carolina Annual Yam Jam (October 4, 11, 18, 25)



Harvest of Hope Camp Events



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Advent Devotions for 2014 (Nov. 30-Dec. 24)   More   
Photos from the SoSA Potato Drop at the 9/11 Interfaith Unity Walk in Washington DC   More   


35 Years of Caring for the Hungry


The Society of St. Andrew partners with people of all faiths, and of many organizations, that we might all serve together by feeding the hungry out of the abundance that we are provided.


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