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EFT is Safe and Secure

It is also more efficient and less expensive than check payments. Please consider making your contributions to our ministry through EFT. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-333-4597 or by email.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Donations

Through our Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, service, you simply authorize a recurring transfer from your personal banking account to the Society of St. Andrew, and the bank does the rest.

Your tax-deductible donations made to the Society of St. Andrew by Electronic Funds Transfer are automatic and secure. And you don’t have to worry about check-writing hassles, postage costs, and bank charges.

Recurring EFT donors receive our quarterly newsletter and information about our Christmas Gift Card program. They also receive receipts when their gifts are received and one additional letter from us per year to update them on our ministry.



  1. On our secure donation transaction page, under Additional Options, select MAKE THIS A RECURRING TRANSACTION.

  2. Select the Frequency you desire for your recurring transaction.

  3. Designate the Duration for your recurring transaction. If you select a recurring transaction, we'll make sure you receive our quarterly newsletter.

  4. For Payment Method, select Electronic Check.

  5. Fill in your name and bank information.

  6. Click NEXT on the bottom of the page and continue through the donation process.

As soon as you complete the online form, we will be sent an email confirming your EFT enrollment. Your automatic deduction will begin when you designated and will continue for the duration you selected.



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