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Which Companies Offer Matching Gift Programs?

Thousands of U.S. companies, subsidiaries, and corporate foundations currently match employee gifts. If you work for a subsidiary of a large company, you may be eligible to have your gift matched by the parent company. Also, eligible donors for a corporate matching gift may include retired employees, spouse of employees, or widows and widowers of former employees depending on the corporation’s giving policy.


Employer Matching Gifts

More than 8,000 companies and subsidiaries match gifts by their employees to non-profit organizations.


If the company where you work (or from which you're retired) has a corporate matching gift program, your contribution may be matched, doubled or even tripled! More than 8,000 companies and subsidiaries match gifts by their employees to non-profit organizations.


Many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage and support their employees' philanthropic giving. When an eligible employee makes a gift to a nonprofit organization that falls within the company's program guidelines, the gift is matched with company funds. While most companies will match an employee gift dollar for dollar, some employers will match each $1 with $2. Other companies match less than dollar for dollar.

How to Initiate a Matching Gift

Generally, you will need to obtain and partially complete the employer's matching gift form, and send it with your donation to the Society of St. Andrew. We then complete the form and forward it to your employer.

The employer will then certify both the your eligibility and the Society of St. Andrew's eligibility for a matched gift. Once that step is completed, the gift usually is sent directly to the Society of St. Andrew. We will notify you when your employer's matching gift is received.


Please note that these procedures may vary slightly from company to company.

Important Information About Gift Matches

You must ask your employer about your company's policy concerning matching gifts. These programs depend on the employee taking the initiative. However, by taking the simple steps they require, the end result is that many more people can be fed as a result of your contribution to our ministry.



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