Gleaning America's Fields ~ Feeding America's Hungry



Ways Your Church Can Get Involved

  • Become a partner church.

  • Become a covenant church.

  • Participate in our Lent or Advent devotions and giving programs.

  • Select our ministry as your Vacation Bible School mission project.

  • Send a team to Harvest of Hope.

  • Glean with us.

  • Use our Bible Study on hunger.

Get Involved With Feeding America's Hungry

The Society of St. Andrew depends upon the generosity of thousands of churches, individuals, and farmers to accomplish our mission to feed America's hungry.

We invite you to support our ministry however you can. Opportunities to support us include:

  • Praying for our ministry and for the hungry of America and the world.

  • Making a financial contribution today or pledging to make one later this year.

  • Volunteering to glean with us.

  • Permitting us to glean on a farm that you own.

  • Encouraging your church to become our partner in ministry or, even better, a covenant church.

  • Encouraging your church to participate in one of our devotional giving programs during Lent, Advent, or Vacation Bible School.

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More Information on How to Get Involved



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