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Area Coordinator:

Julie Sykes Kaylor



Gleaning Report: May-June 2013


Gleaning Report: July 2013


Gleaning Report: August 2013


Gleaning Report: September 2013


Gleaning Report: October 2013


Gleaning Report: November 2013



Download and print your own 3-page flyer on the programs to the right, along with a registration / liability form, helpful information, and driving directions.

Gleaning in Pennsylvania


Gleaning in Pennsylvania focuses on Lebanon County. If you are in the Lebanon County area and are interested in gleaning, contact our area coordinator.


Three Opportunities For You or Your Group

to Help Provide Fresh Food to Our Local Community


Contact Julie Sykes Kaylor (contact info at left)


Garden Harvesting



Harvest vegetables from a garden planted for the Palmyra area Caring Cupboard Food Pantry.

Volunteers needed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Area Gleaning



Harvest excess fruit and vegetables on a quick-response basis from local farms and orchards. Get on our phone list to harvest within a day or two, as you are available.


Apple Gleaning Event



New Record

Pounds of Apples!

24,423 pounds on Oct. 19

4,683 pounds on Nov. 10


Our annual Apple Gleaning event at Sycamore Spring Orchard on October 19 was a wonderful success.

See the story from the Lebanon Daily News - with great photos!


Full Report: October 19 Event


Full Report: November 10 Event





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