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St. Andrew Club Chapters

Fairlington United Methodist Church Chapter


The Saint Andrew Club originated in the late 1980s as an outreach ministry of Fairlington United Methodist Church in Alexandria, VA. The Fairlington congregation continues in its commitment to feed the hungry through its generous support of our ministry through the Saint Andrew Club.

Mountain View United Methodist Church Chapter


The Mountain View chapter of the Saint Andrew Club is an outreach ministry of Mountain View United Methodist Church in Forest, VA. Members are largely from the Roanoke/Lynchburg area.

Big Island Chapter


The Saint Andrew Club's Big Island Chapter includes members from all across the United States, except those in Northern Virginia and the Lynchburg/Roanoke area. This chapter is administered by our national headquarters.

Harvest of Hope Chapter


The Harvest of Hope Saint Andrew Club Chapter is comprised of young people who make a smaller financial pledge.


St. Andrew Club

Who among us cannot set aside a single nickel for the hungry every time we eat a meal?

That is all it takes to become a member of the Saint Andrew Club - just a nickel a meal! You can today make a long-term commitment to help fight hunger by joining the Saint Andrew Club right now. This is a great way for you and your family to be part of the miracle of feeding the hungry of America.

How the St. Andrew Club Works

You agree to respond to a letter request twice each year at the level you select when you submit the form below. The Society of St. Andrew will send you the request letter in March and August each year until you cancel your membership.

When you receive your letter, you simply send the Society of St. Andrew a check for the agreed-to amount, or you may authorize a credit card transaction. (We accept Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.) You can also make your payment online.

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive our quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of how your support is helping us feed hungry Americans.

All it takes to be a Saint Andrew Club member at the $25 per letter level is to save a nickel every time you eat! That's right... it costs just 15 cents a day to join! And should you choose a Saint Andrew Club membership at the $50 per request letter level, it will only cost just 27¢ per day, or about ten cents for every meal you eat.

And remember, every two cents you contribute through this program enables us to provide a serving of food to a hungry American!

Join the St. Andrew Club Today!

Yes, I (or my family and I) would like to become members of the Saint Andrew Club and feed the hungry all through the year for about a 2 pennies a serving. I/we agree to respond to just two "call letters" during the year at the amount selected below. I/we understand that we will receive the SoSA newsletter.

Contributing Level (Choose one)

$50 per request letter for more than 5,000 servings per year

$25 per request letter for more than 2,500 servings per year

Other amount : $ per call letter.







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