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Serving Kansas, Missouri, and all states west of the Mississippi

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Volunteering to Work with SoSA West


There are so many ways to make a difference to hungry Americans


Adopt-a-Farm - I have a group that would like to adopt a farm to glean and/or pick up excess and graded-out produce from the farm or farm-stand and take it to a pantry, and report pounds to SoSA.


Adopt-a-Market - I have a group that would like to pick up leftover produce from a local farmers' market each week and take the produce to a local pantry, and report pounds to SoSA.


Farmer Ambassador - I would like to speak to local farmers about partnering with SoSA.


Field Supervisor - I can lead a group of gleaners, track who volunteered, the number of pounds of produce collected, and which food pantry received the food.


Gleaning Coordinator - I want to help form gleaning networks. I can help match farms in my area with local volunteer groups, and local food pantries that can accept and distribute the food.


Office Volunteer - I would like to help with phone calls, data entry, and other administrative work.


Potato / Produce Project

My organization will host the delivery, packaging, and distribution of 42,000 of potatoes to local food pantries. Requires a large parking lot, 85 volunteers, and fundraising to pay for the shipment (roughly $5,000.)


Sweet Potato Project

I'd like to grow sweet potatoes, half of which will be donated to Harvester's Food Pantry. Requires a sunny spot and order before May 15 at


Truck or Van Driver - I can help transport food from a farm to a local pantry.


Volunteer Ambassador - I would like to speak about SoSA to schools, civic groups, churches, or other organizations to recruit new volunteers.


Weekday Gleaner - I am available to glean on weekdays.


Weekend Gleaner - I am available to glean on weekend days.


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