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Cukes for the hungry at 2012 United Methodist General Conference

41,000 pound Cucumber Drop in front of the Tampa Convention Center, 6-10am, May 1


See photos from the event

Fresh produce to help feed the hungry

Video by the Tampa Bay Times newspaper. (A short ad runs before the piece.)


More than 40,000 pounds of cucumbers were delivered to the Tampa Convention Center by the Society of St. Andrew. Volunteers bagged the vegetables for distribution to area food banks.


(May 1, 2012; Tampa) [Joseph Garnett, Jr. | Tampa Bay Times]

Video produced by United Methodist Communications:


United Methodist volunteers helped bag 40,000 pounds of cucumbers for distribution by local feeding agencies across Central Florida as part of the 2012 General Conference in Tampa. The United Methodist Church partners with the Society of St. Andrew in ministry to the hungry. The Society of St. Andrew, founded in 1979, coordinates more than 30,000 volunteers, and distributes more than 25 million pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise have been wasted.

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WFLA, Channel 8 in Tampa set up in front of the convention center and started coverage of the produce drop at 5:34 in the morning.

Here, they talk with Florida Director Babara Sayles about the event just getting underway.

Many delegates saw coverage on TV and then came over to help before the morning session.



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