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SoSA Tennessee

Regional Director:

  Linda Tozer


Program Coordinator:

  Nathan Dryden


West Tennessee

  Ellie Holt

East Tennessee

  Kathy Crump

Southeast Tennessee

  Maria Chattin-Carter

c/o Inglewood UMC
3511 Gallatin Pike
Nashville TN 37216-2603

Slideshow about SoSA in Tennessee

(Slideshow created by Lynette Johnson)


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November 2014 - Linda Tozer, Tennessee Regional Director, talks with Peter Marino of the Martha O'Bryan Center in Nashville on "Break the Line". Linda talks about gleaning and providing food through the center. Runs 6:51


What We Do

Based in Nashville, the Society of St. Andrew Tennessee regional office coordinates the state-wide Tennessee Gleaning Network, handles the placement and distribution of large loads with the Potato and Produce Project, and advocates on behalf of numerous hunger relief programs. Since the establishment of a regional office in 2010, SoSA has distributed more than 12 million pounds of produce--or 38 million servings--to Tennessee communities experiencing hunger and poverty.

How can I help?

Through the Tennessee Gleaning Network, we coordinate volunteers across the state who enter fields and groves after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of good, nutritious produce left behind. This food is delivered to local food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, and other agencies to feed hungry people across the state. Society of St. Andrew makes all arrangements regarding the farmers, produce containers, and food distribution. All that volunteer gleaners need to do is show up. Most gleaning events take place in the morning, often on weekends, and last around 3-4 hours. Volunteer groups are encouraged to take food back to agencies or programs that they support in their local area.
Our volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, corporate and civic organizations, individuals, and inner-city residents. People of all ages can glean. Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce.
Fill out the form in the left column to receive information about gleaning activities in your part of Tennessee.


How can my congregation or faith community get involved?

SoSA works to establish a community of love, and to support lives of service and action according to the Gospel witness. If you or your faith community are interested in receiving spiritual resources about hunger and hunger relief, or having a SoSA staff member speak at your congregation, click here: to contact us.

If I have food, how can I donate?

We work to make donating as easy as possible, and the interests and investments of our farmers are our highest priority. To find out more about donating, contact our our program coordinator:

How can my agency become a receiving agency?

It’s simple! Contact our program coordinator to start the conversation. We would love to hear about your work, your service population and food needs, and why you do what you do.



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