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SoSA Virginia

Regional Director:

 Sarah Ramey

3383 Sweet Hollow Rd.
Big Island, VA 24526

(434) 299-5956
(800) 333-4597
FAX: (434) 299-5949

Area Gleaning Coordinators


Jim Hassmer


Eastern Shore


Richmond (Ruther Glen)

Jacqueline Pugh

804-448-4657 (h)

804-339-5431 (cell)

Southside (Blackstone)

Martha Reed

434-292-6251 (h)

434-294-3002 (cell)

Southwest (Wytheville)

Karen Dennis

276-620-9446 (cell)

Tidewater (Virginia Beach)

Sharon Wallace


Winchester (Stephens City)

Betty Heishman
540-869-1669 (h)

540-336-2177 (cell)

The national headquarters for the Society of St. Andrew is in Big Island - near Lynchburg, Virginia. This office coordinates all the ministries of the organization, and oversees the regional offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and the SoSA West office in Kansas City. The Big Island office also serves as the regional office for our Virginia operations.


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The Society of St. Andrew has delivered nearly 90 million pounds of salvaged potatoes and other food to the needy in Virginia through the Potato and Produce Project. This has resulted in approximately 180 million servings of food going to Virginia's hungry.
The Society of St. Andrew operates a statewide, volunteer-driven Gleaning Network in Virginia that coordinates with local farmers, thousands of volunteers, and food-providing agencies.
Through the Virginia Gleaning Network, each year we coordinate thousands of volunteers in six local areas who enter fields after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of edible produce left behind. Our volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, other civic organizations, and inner city residents. We annually glean over a million pounds of a wide variety of produce in Virginia. Please join us in this exciting hands-on ministry.


Virginia Gleaning

We can arrange gleanings based on any desired date! Call us or fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page!

Most gleaning events take place on weekends where gleaners arrive in the fields around 8am and are on their way home by noon. Society of St. Andrew makes all arrangements with farmers, produce containers and food distribution. All that volunteer gleaners need to do is show up. Volunteer groups are encouraged to take food back to agencies or programs that they support in their local area.


People of all ages can glean. Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce.

It is important that the contact person be reachable by phone during day-time hours.

Most of our gleanings are in the morning and last three to four hours. Gleanings are scheduled week days and on Saturdays.

If you have questions about when local crops are available, we would be happy to help.



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